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Safety certification service (Safety)

Item  Regulation
Safety requirements for audio and video products EN60065/UL 6500/UL 1492
Safety requirements for information technology products EN 60950/UL 60950
Safety requirements for home appliances EN60335-1/-2/-XX
Safety test for medical product IEC/EN 60601-1
General requirements and tests for luminaires EN 60598/UL 153/1598
Safety requirements for electric toy EN50088
Safety requirements for power transformers and similar products EN61558-1/-2
Requirements for cooking and food processing household appliances products UL1026
Safety requirements for coffee makers and boiled household appliances UL1082
Safety requirements for frying pans and fried household appliances UL1083
Safety requirements for motor food processing products UL982
Safety requirements for heating electrical products UL499
Safety requirements for massage and fitness products UL1647
Fan products UL507
Class 2 power supply equipment UL1310
Power supply equipment other than Class 2 UL1012
Audio and video transformer UL1411
Safety test for battery products UL 2054
Safety test for battery cell products UL 1642

CB testing and reporting services

Certification Body Scheme
The spirit of CB: mutual recognition of test reports and certificates between members
CB members: 62 national certification units(National Certification Body,NCB)
Area Country
Europe (33) Austria, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Belarus
America (6) Canada, United States, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina
Asia(9) China, India, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand
Middle East (6) Egypt, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
Others(8) Australia, Russia, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, New Zealand, Tunisia
CB Scheme is an international certification system established by the International Electrotechnical Commission for the Certification and Accreditation of Electrical Products (IECEE). It is designed to assist participating countries and certification bodies to establish multilateral agreements and mutually recognize their respective test reports. Currently, this system has exceeded . The GC Group has a good cooperation with a number of National Certification Body (NCB) under the CB system to assist you in testing your products in laboratories that have passed the IEC audit. As long as the products meet the standards, the CB will be issued. Certificates and CB report documents; these documents can be submitted by the customer to any National Certification Body (NCB) affiliated with the Member State under the CB System for further application for national certification.