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Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

  • When the UL certified product is first produced.
  • This test is performed as long as it is a new factory or a new product category in the original plant (IPI is not required in some special cases).
  • Confirm that UL certified product manufacturers produce products that meet the requirements of the Follow-Up Services Procedure.
  • It is very similar to other tests except that the inspection date is determined by the customer and UL.
  • If the product complies with the requirements of the subsequent inspection service procedure, the UL factory inspector will allow subsequent production to continue to use the UL Mark/Indicator/Label.

Before the factory inspection, the factory needs to prepare the following documents for inspection:

  1. Company organization chart
  2. Quality Control Flow Chart
  3. Production flow chart
  4. Product change flow chart or file
  5. QC personnel and key position personnel training records
  6. Incoming inspection related files (such as standards, work instructions, etc.)
  7. Process (production) inspection related files
  8. Shipment inspection related documents
  9. Equipment management related documents (such as calibration memory, equipment account, etc.)
  10. Basic production equipment (such as high pressure meter, etc.)
  11. Non-conforming product control


I. Overview:
All GS certifications require a factory audit and all information must be in German.

II. Detailed description:
GS certification factory inspection requirements

1. quality management
1.1 Is there a management agency responsible for product quality that is independent of production, the name of the person in charge?
1.2 Have you developed and implemented training programs for all types of personnel, especially for key craftsmen? What is the personnel assessment system?
1.3 The proportion of quality management personnel to production personnel.
1.4 Whether there are production records in the key processes of the product, whether the product packaging has no number, if not, the quality problem occurs, how to find the problematic product?
1.5 Whether the warehouse management and production operators have checked the relevant aspects:
1.5.1 Raw materials
1.5.2 Production process
1.5.3 finished product
1.6 Is there any quality check, and who is responsible?
1.7 Whether to hold quality analysis meetings regularly, deal with quality issues in a timely manner, and do a good job of feedback.

2. Production line of certified products
2.1 Production flow chart and quality control point map with or without certified products and production system specified in the text.
2.2 The equipment, instruments and quantities on the production line have a maintenance-free system and a regular inspection system and records.
2.3 With or without key production equipment, process equipment and test equipment, the relevant list is provided.

3. Raw materials, purchased parts, parts
3.1 Provide a list of key components and key materials.
3.2 Explain how to ensure the quality of raw materials, purchased parts and parts (with or without the preparation of parts and raw materials inspection specifications). Whether there is a system of collection and storage.

4. measurement
4.1 Is there a metering mechanism?
4.2 The scope of work of the metrology institution and the profile of the personnel (has it passed the assessment by the metrology department?)
4.3 If there is no metering mechanism, please indicate in which unit the metering is performed.

5. factory test institutions
5.1 List the main test equipment name and the manufacturer, whether there is a certificate of conformity and a valid certificate (accuracy, grade) which tests can be carried out.
5.2 Test environment

6. Technical documents and materials
6.1 Product drawings and product technical conditions, process documents.
6.2 Test report for applying for certified products in the last six months.
6.3 The percentage of waste and defective products found in the last six months as a percentage of total production.

7. technical services
7.1 What is the case record and user evaluation?